‘Goodbye Berlin’ – The Biography of Gerald Wiener


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On 24 March 1939, twelve-year-old Gerald Wiener waved goodbye to his family in Berlin as he set off for a new life in the UK. As one of the children saved by the Kindertransport – the British effort which rescued thousands of Jewish children in 1938 and 1939 – he was spared the awful fate that so many in Hitler’s Germany were to suffer, members of his own family included.


Blind Date in Gibraltar


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This novel is a page turner – a thriller and a love story – sometimes poignant, often fun.

Will a blind date in Gibraltar lead Georgie to a new life of excitement and romance, or will she find that being desired is not the same as being loved?
Can she escape the unscrupulous men who pursue her and avoid temptation among crooks and hedonists?


Marching in Scotland, Dancing in New York



ISBN: 978-1906050191
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MARCHING IN SCOTLAND, DANCING IN NEW YORK is a moving and at times very amusing read about life as it was in the 1920’s and 30’s. It is about two large families who grow up alongside each other in the village that was sucked into the industrial melting-pot of Central Scotland to form part of the great city of Glasgow. A parallel story is played out in New York.