About The Author

Margaret Dunlop was born in Glasgow in November, 1931. She is the fourth child of a Scottish father and an English mother. She has a degree in English and Philosophy, and also a College of Education Diploma. She is also a member of Mensa.

After being married and raising two children, she became a primary school teacher and eventually a Head teacher of a rural primary school in the Clyde Valley. She had always written short stories and some poetry, and over time a family saga, “Marching in Scotland, Dancing in New York” was published, and achieved some success. Though classed as fiction, it is based almost entirely on actual people (her family) and true events. Later, an ebook was published, its title, “Blind Date in Gibraltar”.

Having been widowed in 1981 Margaret met Dr. Gerald Wiener and some years later they married. As a young boy, Gerald had been rescued from Nazi Germany by a Kindertransport to the UK. That was in 1939, just before WW2. He became a graduate of Edinburgh University and had a distinguished research career in animal breeding before retirement. Afterwards he became a consultant to the United Nations in animal breeding in, among other countries, China and India. Also he discovered that he had relatives, two brothers and an aunt who had settled in America. The temptation to write an interesting and entertaining biography was too strong to be resisted by Gerald’s second wife, Margaret Dunlop. The result, ‘Goodbye Berlin’, was published in 2016.