GOODBYE BERLIN – first published 22 September 2016
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“What a really good read and must have book for holidays. It has everything, love, murder, sex and drugs and you felt transported to places the author was writing about and living the story.” (Susan, Leicester)

“This is a great read full of intrigue and suspense. The description of the Spanish landscape, cafe culture, fiestas and criminal underworld is really brought to life.” (Maggie, Scotland)

“An intriguing title! But Yes – the heroine of this novel, the newly single Georgie, really did go for a blind date with long-time ex-pat smoothie Charles) en route to stay with her friends in Marbella. The author manages to convey a wonderful sense of place and rich atmosphere. She has spent time living in Spain and her writing is credible and convincing – she knows how things work there, including the vagaries of the police force. Blind Date in Gibraltar is not just a romantic novel, there is drug-running, murder and other crime, but plenty of humour and sex too!” (Mirren Jones, Scotland)

“The characters are totally believable, the setting romantic and transports you to a hot evening wining an dining in Gibraltar. A must read!” (Shonagh White, Scotland)

“Well written, comfortable, curling-up read.” (Eileen Hirst, England)

“This is a full-bodied story with everything in it. The cast of characters is fascinating, coming from all over the world and interacting with one another so that otherwise unlikely connections become knitted together in a tightly woven tale of thrills. Margaret Dunlop is a juggler. She keeps everyone airborne in their various conflicts and then lands most of them safely in the final chapter. I knew pretty quickly that I was in the hands of a master writer of mystery, romance, and intrigue.” (Gretchen Grossman, USA)

“It holds the reader’s attention, has real narrative drive and is full of human interest. It also relates well to the ‘real’ history of Scotland and of emigration to the U.S. in this period.” (Professor Tom Devine – the eminent Scottish historian)

‘Marching in Scotland, Dancing in New York’ almost reads like a biography, its characters are so realistically portrayed. It has that type of realism. Nothing is stereotypical or predictable..…. Her writing style is fluid and interesting……I definitely recommend this novel and a very, very good read.” (Priscilla J. Kucik, Milwaukee, USA)

“A moving and gripping family epic….. It reminds one in the quality of the evocatively drawn story vaguely of novels by D.H. Lawrence” – (translated from German) (A. Lingnau, Germany)

“To borrow from Charles Dickens’ ‘A Tale of Two Cities’, author Margaret Dunlop also writes about ‘the best of times and the worst of times.’ Her two cities are Glasgow and New York. Her times are set in the period between the two world wars of the 20th century. Difficult times for the impoverished miners in Glasgow contrast with the glitter of the wealthy denizens of New York city in the jazz era before the financial Crash of 1929.

Dunlop’s strength lies in the intimacy she creates between her characters and her readers. She draws the reader into the family and you become invested in the struggles, anxieties, defeats, wonder, joy and enthusiasms of the various characters. You care about their outcomes, their successes.

I enjoyed this book because the characters are so well-drawn. Dunlop provides a myriad of interesting people: the long-suffering, the good, the bad, the predators, the naïve, the comic, the jaded, the worldly. The author has a real talent for description and dialogue.” (Sylvia Valevicious, Canada)

“A cracking read for Scots and Americans, for Glaswegians and New Yorkers” (H. Cairns, Manchester)

“The novel recalls a period in our history when there was a real sense of community, closeness of family and when people ‘looked out’ for one another.” M. Martin, Inverness

“A brilliant mirror on the epoch of the ‘Twenties’” (translated from German) (Dr Barbara Geilhausen, Germany)

“How true to life. Margaret Dunlop has put together an exciting social story.” (Laura Christie, Scotland)

“I picked up this book and was captivated from the start.” (S.M. Verrrall, Peterborough)

“MARCHING IN SCOTLAND DANCING IN NEW YORK almost reads like a biography, its characters are so realistically portrayed. It has that type of realism. Nothing is stereotypical or predictable. ….. Her writing style is fluid and interesting. … This is the type of novel in which you get involved with the characters and understand their flaws as you would in your own family. I definitely recommend this novel as a very, very good read”. (Laura, USA)

Excellent book from an excellent author! This is a well researched book from an author who is passionate about her subject. It’s a great read, I’m sure anyone would enjoy! (Diane Wade, USA)

I enjoyed this book so very much. I recommended it to my friends. Margaret Dunlop keeps this book so interesting from the beginning to the end of the book. (Hella Slomnicki, USA)